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September 2009 | VisitIDATE
Pay TV & TV Funding Forecast (2008-2013)

Despite the crisis that is currently sweeping the entire television industry, IDATE expects the pay-TV segment to enjoy a relatively stable position. Televisionís global sales figures are expected to fall 1.3% between 2008 and 2009, whereas revenue generated by pay-TV services is expected to grow 4.7% over the period.

∑ With sales of 110 billion EUR in 2008, the pay-TV market accounted for 41.7% of the total TV industry worldwide. Pay TV is present in 540 million households around the world, putting it on an almost equal footing with free-to-air TV (public or commercial): 48% of TV households pay to watch enhanced TV).

∑ The sector is even seeing sustained growth (though the level varies with each geographic region) both in terms of subscribers (+4% from 2008 to 2009) and revenue (+4.7% over the same period).

∑ With 23% of TV households and 25% of pay-TV households, Europe is the second largest market behind Asia-Pacific and ahead of North America. Europe is also the second in value at 83 billion EUR (30 billion EUR comes from pay TV), behind North America and ahead of Asia-Pacific.

TV funding worldwide 2008-2013 (billion euro)
TV Households and Pay-TV Penetration in India (2000-2013)
Source: VisitIDATE

PDF Document IDATE Forecast on TV Funding 2008-2013 (September 2009)

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