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tv market data TV Market Data / Global Online Advertising (2005-2012)

April 2009 | VisitIDATE
PDF Document Online Advertising Forecast (2005-2012)
IDATE expects the global online advertisting market to grow from 31 billion euro in 2008 up to 59 billion euro in 2012 - accounting for 15% of advertisersí total spending.

"On the whole, the economic crisis will be beneficial for the Web," says Sophie Girieud, the reportís project leader. "The online advertising marketís growth is sustained by ad monies being transferred from traditional media and below the line marketing campaigns, both national and local, to the Web, and more specifically to direct marketing. The recession is expected to further spur this trend of shifting budgets, with advertisers leaning increasingly in favour of the Web. This means that, in 2009, the Internet will likely be the medium to enjoy the greatest increase in ad spending, even if overall investments will be down." IDATE forecasts that the global advertising market will grow by 12.1% in 2009 compared 20.7% in 2008.

Online advertising market, Worldwide (2005-2012)
TV Households and Pay-TV Penetration in India (2000-2013)
Source: IDATE

IDATE expects net revenue generated worldwide by display ads to go from 12.3 billion EUR in 2009 to 21.2 billion EUR in 2012. Its share of the global market will hold more or less steady at around 36% thanks to the development of rich media and video advertising formats. Video ads are expected to be the online format with the strongest growth momentum in the coming years.

PDF Document IDATE Report "Online Advertising" (April 2009)




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